About Us

The Pure Land means happiness, compassion, and friendship all over in the world. A pure land is a celestial realm or pure abode of a Buddha or bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. This is the Sanskrit word but it is the very closed of Zen Buddhism in Japan.

The descriptions of Pure Land in Pure Land Sutras were greatly influenced by Brahmin and Hindu ideas and the topological situation in India. There was a process of the development of lotus (Padma)-symbolism in Pure Land Buddhism. The final outcome of the thought was as follows: the aspirants of faith and assiduity are born transformed (anupapāduka) in the lotus flowers. But those with doubts are born into the lotus-buds. They stay in the calyx of a lotus (garbhāvāsa) for five hundred years without seeing or hearing the Three Treasures. Within the closed lotus-flowers, they enjoy pleasures as though they were playing in a garden or palace.

We are working in the tourism industry from last 15 years and are one of the foremost promoters of Buddhist Sector. We offer very special Buddhist Circuit Tours and Packages for devotees and researchers from all over the world. In promoting these tours we learned kindness, happiness, and friendship and as a result, we maintain our work with honesty, friendliness, and transparency. We chose our company name as Pure Land Holidays with a belief and firm commitment that our guests are highly respected and it is our duty to work tirelessly to their satisfaction. We believe that the satisfaction of our guest is our reward; hence we are committed to our words Pure Land.

Our Team Head

Our Team Head Mr. Kapil Ramteke working in Tourism Industry from last 15 years. He started his journey with Buddha Circuit in India so he kept his knowledge very well updated. He studied M.A. in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Nagpur University, then M.A. in Pali and Prakrit, P.G. Diploma in Travel and Tourism, P.G. Diploma in Museology, and P.G. Diploma in Anthropology and Tribal Development. he has guided a number of western tourists, pilgrims, and students coming from Europe and Americas several times. He was also a visiting faculty in Department of Travel and Tourism, R.T.M. Nagpur University. He has a very profound knowledge of last 10 years in organizing International tours and have properly understood the difficulties of airport management, travel formalities, and tour organizer’s responsibilities

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